Nutritional Charm!

March has National: banana cream pie, peanut cluster, pancake, blueberry popover, pi(3.14) baked scallop, potato chip, sloppy joe,chocolate caramel, ravioli, chocolate covered raisins (WHY??) and clam on the halfshell Day!

Not so nutritional for national nutrition month!!  

Yes! That’s right March is National Nutrition Month! Seems fitting since it is only two months after the “New Year Better You Resolution” month, and how can we forget last month, “let’s stuff our mouth with day after chocolate because it’s on sale don’t judge me!” So yes! The third month of the year has a healthy charm! (Wait is that where the leprechaun came into play?)

Nutrition, oh right!  

Nutrition: is a healthy diet that nourishes the body! “Nourish the body” sounds good doesn’t it!! How does one go ahead and “nourish” the body? Eat a well balanced diet consisting of foods that are geared toward your lifestyle,  taste, and medical needs. Easy enough, Right?!  I know just how difficult staying on the healthy food track can be! One of the main struggles in my life has been with food. Kinda the eating too much of it, part!

Last summer I tore my Right ACL, and recently, I fell. Sprained my right knee so good that, I was bruised down the length of my lower leg, on crutches for a week. Had x-rays taken, an MRI, and now I have started physical therapy. With all this down time, I began noticing just how much ice cream your massage therapist eats, jimmies included. How much pasta, the amounts of cheese, and the random pieces of chocolate; which the wrappers added up. (Gee! Thinking back  I could have made a new holster for my oil bottle!!) Needless to say it was A LOT!!! Too much, ENOUGH IS  ENOUGH!!  

How to choose a nutritional diet for you? I’m not a nutrition expert! I can google, and I have faith that you can as well! I know I have the general idea of more veggies, keep it green, fruits, proteins and limit carbs and fats. This is how I was brought up. Yet I always knew where the stash of candy was, at the store!!! Back then I could walk to the store by myself! It evened out, I walked the eating off.

As I’m trying to learn all I can about Polarity, I remembered back to my Level 1 training that The founder of Polarity Therapy, Dr. Randolph Stone, spoke about the importance of the energy of the foods going into our bodies. “The amount of food put into the stomach at one time, the quality, the combination, and at what temperature, are all important factors in the process of digestion” Health Building.

Looking deeper into the energetic compounds of the elemental pathways. Understanding what may be off and knowing which food to eat to supplement that energetic imbalance is something that I look forward into researching more and fully understanding! Another diet I found intersting and something I would be looking further into is a diet based on your blood type. Now doesn’t that kind of make sense? Why not eat according to how your body is made up, That’s earth for you. (Maybe more on that later)

I am just a massage therapist, a mother, a human that is just as curious as everyone else in this universe!  I am in no way promoting any of these. Always check with a doctor before any exercise and diet changes.

Love and Light!


Nutritional Charm!

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