Stress? What Stress… We got THIS!


For stress awareness and national anxiety month, I want to pass along some tips to calm those nerves. First, let me say by no means am I a stress expert. Though, I have had my fair share of it, along with the rest of the world. In fact with all that is going on in current news we all should take 5 minutes a day to get back to our center, so we can fully handle what life is going to offer!

  • Exercise: Go for a walk, a bike ride. Do jumping jacks anything to get that blood pumping and flowing bringing all the good oxygenated blood throughout your entire body!
  •  Get regular sleep: Being tired and cranky can always make for a bad stressful situation. Prevent the stress blues by catching up on your ZZZ’s.
  • Massage!!  Keep up with massage maintenance!!

 Finally last one! It’s so simple you may laugh… BREATHE… YES! 

“But I am breathing, all the time in fact!” You say!

Well yes my friend you are, surely you are! You are alive and reading this!(thank you)  BUT, with this fast paced society we live in we don’t really take the time to ‘just breathe’. I mean deep down into your gut breathe. Pushing your inhale down into your belly, imagining, this breath, as a hand inside pushing your belly button out. What you are feeling is your diaphragm expanding. Now slowly exhale, being mindful, that upon exhaling you are bringing your belly button back into your spine. Try again! Deep inhale of life-sustaining air, try not to raise your shoulders, you are breathing into your gut. Exhale slow, steady. How do you feel? Life doesn’t have to be stressful. Breathe and know that our universe has this path for you and you’re exactly where you need to be at this very moment!   

Love and light,


Stress? What Stress… We got THIS!

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